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Accuracy when it counts....


-Custom Rifles, Reliability and Accuracy Services-

SPG offers professional rifle gunsmiting services from bedding and re-barreling to optics, load development and ballistics. SPG is your one stop shop for reasonably priced accuracy from your rifle. 

Sheaffer Precision Gunworks in Kempton, Pennsylvania provides a wide range of rifle reliability and accuracy services. These include but are not limited to the following:

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  • Sales, Installation and Bore Sighting of Leupold Optics
  • Full custom trigger packages and trigger tuning

  • Stock replace​ment and free floating
  • Aluminum pillars, glass and epoxy action bedding
  • Barrel lapping and re-crowning
  • Replacement barrels from quality manufacturers
  • Iron sights and receiver peep sights
  • Scope bases, rings, and scope ring lapping
  • Application specific ammunition and optics consulting 
  • Semi-Custom and Custom semi auto and lever action rifles
  • Savage Axis trigger packages with 50% reduction. $99.00

  • Complete Custom Rifles
  • Receiver bottom metal and magazine systems
  • Professional cleaning and copper fouling removal
  • Bolt breakdown service, degreasing, and cleaning
  • Custom ballistic data cards and laser-engraved turrets
  • Application specific ammunition and optics consulting
  • Semi-custom and custom bolt action rifle builds
  • Bolt rebuilds with enhanced extraction and ejection. 
  • Custom triggers from Timney, Jewel, Jard, Basix and more
  • SPG is a Leupold Custom Gunmaker Program member, direct buyer from the factory in Beaverton Oregon. 
  • Law enforcement precision rifle packages for CRT.

Where Your Rifle Is in Good Hands

*Based on rifle and ammunition.

Where Your Rifle Is in Good Hands

Contact  us below for quality gunsmithing for Hunting, Target and Precision Rifles. 

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