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SPG Enhanced Trigger Package for 1911 Pistols-

The finest trigger job available. Remove the factory hammer, sear, disconnector, trigger, and springs. Hand fit new USA made premium ultralight CNC machined performance parts, flat or curved trigger and premium springs. Polish trigger raceways and tune extractor. Trigger pull is hand-tuned to a crisp, smooth 3-5 pounds based on intended use and the specific platform. (Series 70 vs Series 80)  Price: $375.00 (OUR MOST POPULAR SERVICE YEAR AFTER YEAR)

SPG Series 80 Upgrade Package for 1911 Pistols-

Optimize your series 80 1911. SPG will remove the pistols existing Series 80 safety components and fit new Cylinder and Slide Titanium Series 80 parts and tine for optimum trigger pull.  Price: $95.00 

SPG 1911 Reliability Package-

Improve your 1911's reliability with the modifications we have identified as the most effective in ensuring your 1911's reliability.  The package includes replacement of all springs with new springs of the correct weight. The extractor is beveled and tuned, the slide face polished, lockup checked, ejector tuned to correct length, the grip safety is checked and smoothed if needed and the extractor and firing pin channels are cleaned. The pistol is cleaned and lubricated and tested for function.  Price:  $175.00

The Big Bore Handgun Authority-

SPG is the resource for powerful performance handguns for hunting and defense against dangerous game and woods carry, We sell and service .500 S&W, .460 S&W, .475 Linebaugh, .480 Ruger, .454 Casull, .45 Colt, .44 Magnum and .41 Magnum sixguns. 

We also specialize in powerful 1911's chambered in calibers like .460 Rowland, .45 Super and our personal favorite, the 10mm Auto. 

We can equip you for hunting, backpacking and defense from guns to trigger work,  optics, holsters and ammo. Turn up the power on your sidearm with SPG.

SPG Enhanced Trigger Package for Smith and Wesson and Ruger Revolvers-

The finest revolver trigger job available. Remove factory  trigger, shims, pins, and all springs. Custom fit new USA made CNC machined tool steel performance parts and premium springs. (Ruger revolvers also get replacement hammer) The timing is checked and gun is then hand tuned for a light, smooth single and double action trigger pull. Price: $375.00 (REDUCED FOR 2019)

Revolver Gunsmithing Services-

-Functional repairs and action jobs

-Replacement sights

-Cylinder timing and cylinder hand replacement

-Single action oversize locking base pins

-Shimming and endshake correction

-Barrel replacement and optics rails

-Recutting of crown and throat reaming

Comprehensive 1911, Revolver and  General Pistolsmithing-

SPG also offers aftermarket sights, magwells, grip safety frame modifications, safeties, barrels, slide tightening, extractors, bushings and more for your 1911 or other brand pistol or revolver needs. 

SPG works on Smith and Wesson, Colt, Dan Wesson and Ruger revolvers, all brands of 1911's and other pistol designs including those from  Beretta, Springfield Armory, CZ, SIG, Glock and many many more. 


-Firearms Training and Consulting-

1911 Pistol Owners Classes-

SPG offers an annual class that provides classroom and range instruction that will enable you to truly understand, operate, maintain and employ the 1911 to its full potential. The Level 1 class covers a wide range of subject matter and live fire training. The Level 2 class is focused on live fire range work with an emphasis on defensive shooting. The fee for Level 1 training is $150.00, and Level 2 training is $50.00. ***Contact SPG to enroll, class size is limited***

One on One personal training with 1911, semi-auto pistol, revolver, carbine and long range rifle  is available 

Private Consulting and Training-

SPG provides specialized consulting and training for private citizens, businesses and law enforcement. Services range from firearms training to weapons familiarization and armorer services. One on One or 2 person team training with 1911, semi-auto pistol, revolver, carbine and long range rifle is available for those looking for private or specialized training.  Contact us with your training needs and we will tailor a half, whole or multi day package training program to meet your needs.  

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