"Professional Gunsmithing and Firearm Sales"
SPG is your .300 AAC Blackout
and 10MM Auto Specialist


SPG offers full service Gunsmithing and repairs for all shotgun brands, including single shot, double barrel, pump action and semi-automatic designs. Services include recoil pads, fiber optic sight and RMR installation for upland game guns. For big game shotgunners we offer all the services required to setup or enhance your favorite slug gun for whitetails including rifled barrels, scopes and mounts and other accuracy enhancements.

SPG also offers complete home defense gun services. SPG can take your tired, rusty pump gun and transform it into a first rate tactical shotgun for home defense. Services include Cerakote refinishing, installation of reduced length barrels, magazine extensions, lights and lasers, holographic and red dot sights or iron sights, new synthetic furniture, recoil reduction systems and much more.

Naturally, if you are interested in simply purchasing a factory shotgun we can order your choice of gun from dozens of manufacturers.