"Professional Gunsmithing and Firearm Sales"
SPG is your .300 AAC Blackout
and 10MM Auto Specialist

Enhanced Rifles

SPG's enhanced rifle program provides the shooter with affordable and practical riflesmithing services without the trendy voodoo terms and smoke and mirrors that we sometimes see in the precision, long range hunting and tactical shooting industry 'rifle packages' and 'custom rifles'. SPG's time tested approach to practical accuracy improvement is based on proven techniques delivered in a complete and holistic approach tailored to the clients' specific needs.

  • Barrel crowning
  • Barrel lapping
  • Action and barrel bedding
  • Chassis installation
  • Scope ring lapping
  • Scope mounting
  • Bore sighting
  • Trigger tuning
  • Custom triggers
  • Custom bottom metal
  • Professional barrel break-in
  • Recoil pads
  • Professional copper and carbon fouling removal and cleaning
  • Cerakote finishing
  • Setup and optimization of specialized .300 Blackout bolt action and single shot hunting rifles.
  • Ammunition Consulting, Professional Rifle Sight In, Ballistic Profile Development and Data Cards

These services can be performed on your existing rifle in any caliber, or SPG can order a rifle from any manufacturer and perform these enhancements to the rifle sold to you by SPG.

While these services are based on Bolt Action rifles we can perform similar services on pump action, lever action, single shot and semi-automatic rifles. All in a way that minimizes your time spent "getting on paper" by providing a rifle you can take from the case and punch the X at the range or take that trophy buck, all with complete confidence in your rifle. Contact us for details.